How Addictive is an Online Casino?

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Online casinos are very entertaining, so much that it was also made an addiction. Many people have gone into online casino addicts just because it is entertaining, and some… well, they want to be competitive. We all know that being competitive in a game made just for fun is mostly wrong, but maybe they have a story on why they are like that. So, we are just going to let them be for now. Anyways, there comes a time in a player’s life where he questions himself, “How and why are online casinos so addicting?” Well, you have come to the place where we will talk about gambling addiction and show you the factors and the effect on one’s living.

First of all, what are online casinos?

They are casinos that are run on a website or as a software. It almost works like a land-based casino, the difference that it is online. And when it is online, most of it is run by artificial intelligence or A.I, meaning almost all online casino games, and sometimes online sports betting can be managed by robots, aside from people. Online casinos are almost everywhere in the world, even in the Philippines. Online Casino in the Philippines is legal. In some countries, they are not legal due to government policies and illegal online casino monitoring.

What is/are the purpose/s of an online casino?

Actually, there are a lot of uses and benefits in an online casino. It’s main use is to make people still enjoy the feeling of playing a casino on the Internet. It also serves as the alternative of going to a real casino because we are in the middle of a pandemic and we need to quarantine ourselves, you know. We need to stay ourselves healthy and strong.

Why and how are online casinos addictive?

 These kinds of games are very addictive, because the person might be suffering from health or mental problems, and that is why they are addicted. And, how are these addictive? They are addictive due to it being fun to play and very entertaining to the player. Sometimes, casinos use the strategy of adding bonuses and making their games “free-to-play” for new members.

How can this affect one’s life?

Online gambling addiction, or pathological gambling, is a very serious problem faced by most players. The major effects are job loss, antisocial personality disorder, schizophrenia, drug and alcohol abuse, and can also cause loss of communication to family, friends, relatives, and other people. Even though online casinos are considered stress relievers, this can possibly cause more stress.

How can we cure pathological gambling?

We can cure this by going to a therapist. Therapists are most likely to treat your illness and make you better. But, if you cannot hire a therapist, then you can check up to a doctor and ask for medications. Antidepressants are one of those medicines that can help treat addiction to gambling, drug abuse, and mental illnesses such as depression and ADHD. And if you do not have enough money for medication, you can also seek advice from a family member, a friend, a relative, or someone you can contact that has the same problem.

We know that gambling and playing online casinos are very fun, but please, please, do not let it kill and ruin your health. If you suffer from addiction, you can do the treatments below to help stop the illness to get worse. But other than that, enjoy your life while you are still alive. Stay safe, stay healthy, and god bless us all!